They may look pretty good but they all need a shower (smile) ...
Scott, Terry, Tracy, Mo, Diann, Eric, Carol, Caroline, and Patti.

The next day we had a few hours of a sun break and then about 1:30 we heard the low droning growl of a Beaver and an Otter (two float planes) as they descended into the T and floated to shore to pick us up. As we took off the pilot turned and flew through the Terror as we were climbing to altitude once again we were in our Alice in Wonderland world but this time we were a couple of hundred feet up with shear granite cliffs off both wings. WOW. The Terror has stuck again. Just as we were being purged of our asphalt existence we are now being whisked back to reality. ARG!

HOWEVER, a hot shower and a soft bed never felt so good. We went to bed in Juneau, our last night in Alaska, with wonderful memories swirling in our head and a good feeling of accomplishment. WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next stop the Artic Circle ... Scott made it sound pretty fun. Who knows? We're thinking about it.

Mouth of the Terror (where we camped) from the plane and the last night in Juneau.
Patti, Carol, Scott, Eric, Caroline, John (me), Diann, Terry (top) Tracy, and Mo.

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